[iBook] internal usb

Gary joehardy at mac.com
Sun Apr 10 20:02:01 PDT 2005

On Apr 10, 2005, at 9:12 PM, Ron Reames wrote:

> I was told by Apple that you must get the Bluetooth option when you 
> order
> and that it could not be added later.
> Ron
	That's correct. You can always add an inexpensive external USB 
Bluetooth dongle later, but you can't add it internally. That's why I 
ordered it when I bought my G4 iBook back in November 2003.  I love 
having the Apple Bluetooth mouse and carry it in my iBook bag for 
handier use when in Internet cafés and such. And the Apple Bluetooth 
mouse battery appears to have very long life.


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