[iBook] Wegener Media...devil or angel?

Michelle Klein-Hass bosslady at msgeek.com
Sun Apr 17 22:29:17 PDT 2005

OK, I've been trying to find someone who will upgrade the Clamshell iBook my 
Aunt Karen laid on me, and so far I've been hearing "Oh, I don't like working 
on those..." and "Um, the labor's gonna cost you big time."

Anyway, I remembered Wegener Media vaguely, and stumbled upon their site 
again. These guys sound too good to be true! Ship them your iBook, and they 
will upgrade the thing for a flat fee of $50 for diagnosis/repair/upgrade. 
The best quote I've gotten from local Mac geeks is $225 for labor (and only 
labor) on the upgrade.

Parts prices are pretty good too: $34.50 for the 256MB SO-DIMM, 20GB hard 
drive $80. They can even retrofit this machine with a CD-RW if I wanted to 
get one. So, let's do the math here:

$50.00 Labor
$34.50 RAM
$80.00 HD

Total: $164.00

This does not include shipping and handling, of course. However, it cost me 
$40 to ship a ThinkPad 570 plus some value-added goodies to Orlando, FL. This 
included $800 in insurance in case the thing got lost in the mails, and an 
uber-pro packing job. If you assume $80 for shipping there (SC) and back 
again (LA, CA) you are only a bit above the cost of labor alone for someone 
local...this does not include parts.

Anyway...I haven't talked to Mr. Wegener yet, but this is amazing.

However, if this guy is a con-artist or a jerk or does crappy work or any 
number of other potential flies in the ointment please let me know, OK? I 
don't want to send my precious Navi into the clutches of the Mac Geek 
equivalent of Snidely Whiplash...

Thanks for your info,
Michelle Klein-Hass
Box 2273, Van Nuys, CA 91404-2273
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