[iBook] Wegener Media...devil or angel?

RP McKay richard.mckay1 at virgin.net
Sun Apr 17 23:57:50 PDT 2005

On 18/4/05 6:29 am, "Michelle Klein-Hass" <bosslady at msgeek.com> wrote (in

> Anyway, I remembered Wegener Media vaguely, and stumbled upon their site
> again. These guys sound too good to be true! Ship them your iBook, and they
> will upgrade the thing for a flat fee of $50 for diagnosis/repair/upgrade.
> The best quote I've gotten from local Mac geeks is $225 for labor (and only
> labor) on the upgrade.

Hi Michele,

Haven't used Wegener myself but over the last few years that I have been on
the list several others have recommended them and I can't recall anyone
posting anything but good experiences with them in terms of time, price or

There are a lot of people like yourself that are very much enamoured with
the original iBooks either because of design or ergonomics for writing or
just because...

Sounds like you truly enjoy the clamshell, treat it to the upgrade it
deserves and with an organisation that is professional and that you find
sympathetic to Apple and iBooks and not to the 'local crew' if they are
going to soak you just because they can't be bothered to work and don't like
those 'pesky Apples'. Why not give Wegener and a few others a call to see
how they treat you on the phone and judge who gets your business based on
that experience.

In any case let us know how things work out whatever choice you make.



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