[iBook] Palm Tungsten & iBook difficulty

gooddog at interlync.com gooddog at interlync.com
Thu Apr 21 01:49:39 PDT 2005


Anybody on the list a Palm user? I recently got a T5, and have 
encountered a bit of trouble with iSync. At least I think it's iSync. 
It could be something I'm doing. There's two things that are going on:

A)  Seems any calendar items I enter into the Palm causes anything I 
set up in iCal to get all out of whack.

This all started when I wanted to get the Palm to mirror the look of 
iCal by having colored bars indicating large projects that took several 
weeks to complete. In iCal when you create an event that lasts "all 
day" for several days, a bar will appear stretching from the beginning 
of that time until the end.  After a while, I noticed I couldn't make 
it happen, so I gave up. Then, after creating an event on the Palm,  I 
noticed that I could create such a thing from the Palm side, which is 
represented by little tiny dots extending from beginning to end of the 
event dates.

So, I replicated the events I had originally created in iCal in the 
Palm in the new method I discovered.  However, when I went back to 
iCal, all of my events on the iCal side were duplicated and out of sync 
and generally weird.  The new Palm replicants are now listed daily 
rather than in a line.  How can I resolve this?  Is this a known 
problem?   Any clues for the clueless?

B)  What about this error below?  I also get the same kind of iSync 
error message every time I sync:

Thursday, April 21, 2005 3:17 AM
  Can't synchronize contacts to GoodDog: device is not available
  Conduit Address Book generated exception 
NSInternalInconsistencyException: Type of value {
     identifiers = ("B6F9AFF2-B23D-11D9-B427-000D93B3B378");
     labels = ("_$!<Work>!$_");
     primaryIdentifier = "B6F9AFF2-B23D-11D9-B427-000D93B3B378";
     values = (<null>);
} does not match property 'Email' type 257.  Can't commit item 
  Can't synchronize calendars and To Do items to GoodDog: device is not 

Since this is off-topic, please feel free to contact me privately 
rather than take up valuable list space.


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