[iBook] Bad power supply?

John Lyon jelyon at mac.com
Sat Apr 23 07:59:56 PDT 2005

I've found my iBook G4's power supply gets very hot when charging -
particularly if it's laying on something that helps trap the heat (like a
comforter, or the carpet.) I've started placing it on something that will
help dissipate the heat better than textiles.

On 4/22/05 6:55 AM, "maclist" <maclist at arneandmelissa.org> either wrote,
forwarded or quoted:

> I bought a G4 iBook recently and while charging it the other day the power
> supply became too hot to touch. It was connected to the power cord not
> directly to the outlet, is there any talk of defective power supplies, is
> there any way of testing?
> Arne

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