[iBook] HD space

John Lyon jelyon at mac.com
Sat Apr 30 19:45:12 PDT 2005

I know there are some utils (by Mike Bombich?) that can remove the language
files you don't need. I would suppose those printer files can be removed,
too. Seems to me, but I'm no expert, you could remove printer drivers you
don't need.

On 4/30/05 9:17 PM, "Angus Wallace" <angus.wallace at flinders.edu.au> either
wrote, forwarded or quoted:

> Dear list,
> I've just installed Tiger on my ibook G4 800. It seems 'nice' (in
> fact, 'bloody fantastic might be a better description!), but has
> consumed even more of my precious HD space than Panther..
> I've looked at /Library and it's 5.5GB! I can't believe that's all
> needed. In particular, /Library/Printers is 1.5GB, and seems to have
> drivers for every imaginable printer, of which I need ONE...
> I want to 'prune' some of these files to increase HD space. What does
> the Wisdom Of The List have to say about this? Does anyone have
> experience?
> Cheers,
> -Angus

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