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Samantha Cornell samantha at netresults.biz
Thu Dec 1 18:39:34 PST 2005

I have experienced the same thing, the "n" and "s" are totally gone,  
and the "e" "d", and "m" are starting.  The first two letters were  
pretty much gone within the first two weeks.  I was doing alot of  
typing...but I was also volunteering for habitat and can't imagine  
that I had any fingernails to speak of.

This iBook is a replacement for my old iBook G3, which had no  
keyboard wear after many years of high usage.

I did ask at the Apple Store, and they said that they would replace  
it, no problem. the indicated that it was a result of the chemical  
composition of my skin.  Perhaps that is true, I do have problems  
with some jewelry, but the is the first keyboard that I have had a  
problem with.  The keyboard on my G4 iMac is fine as well...not quite  
as much use, but about one year older.  I have not had it replaced,  
so far it hasn't been anything more than an annoyance...but I will  
need to soon, before more key labels "vanish".

Also of note, my husband's iBook has no problems, and was purchased  
within days of mine.

I have had one other problem with the outer surfaces of my  
iBook...when we travelled to Puerto rico this summer, I left my iBook  
at home in Michigan...on a shelf in my office tucked inside a  
sleeve.  The sleeve has a black quilted lining, and to my great  
distress when we got home 10 days later, I found that the quilting  
pattern was on the iBook case - big black diamonds (well... grey...)  
all over it.  After some panicked emails to the manufacturer and a  
trip to the Apple store, I was able to safely remove the stains with  
Simple Green.  the sleeve manufacturer indicated that the plastics of  
the new iBooks seemed to be more porous than other  models have been.

Frankly, I'm please with my iBook, and realize that it's not a  
PowerBook...but I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of the  
keyboard and the case.


On Dec 1, 2005, at 9:22 PM, Jack wrote:

> John McClernan wrote:
>> Yes it happened to my last iBook. Keep your fingernails shorter  
>> and  try not to type with your fingers perpendicular to the kbd.
> Did cutting your fingernails help?
> My fingers and hands only fit together one way, and my fingernails  
> probably only touch the bottom row of keys which they are holding  
> up better than some of the other rows'.
> Of the three Powerbooks/Ibooks and innumerable other Apple  
> keyboards that I have had, only this '05 iBook has had any  
> noticeable wear on the keyboard symbols, and my usage patterns  
> haven't changed.
> Jack
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