[iBook] Replacement internal HDD & CDROM cable for iBook G3 700

Bruce Pountney bruce77 at ekit.com
Sun Dec 4 09:43:39 PST 2005


I have managed to put a screw through the internal CD-ROM / HDD / 
Mainboard cable whilst putting my iBook G3 700MHz back together 
again! -big oops. I did this whilst replacing the hard disk.

Does anybody know where I can get a new cable from? I'm certain that 
Apple does not consider this to be a user replacable part - so where 

The codes on the cable read KEOU24713110U02 and 632-0176-A and 94V-0

Any assistance or direction on where to start looking would be 
greatly appreciated!



Bruce Pountney
bruce77 at ekit.com

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