[iBook] 7200rpm drive for ibook G4

Steve H Jones shjones at hywyn.plus.com
Wed Dec 7 13:08:00 PST 2005

> G'day,
> Have you considered an external hard disk? It's a lot cheaper, 
> performance is
> better, and you won't have to modify your ibook.
> I have this setup for recording on my 12" G4 800, and it works well. 
> Get a
> casing without a fan, and you should be fine. I built a 160GB external 
> HD
> (USB2/FW) for about AU$250 (~US$170), which is quite decent...
> Caveat: if you use an external sound card, make sure the HD isn't on 
> the same
> bus - my soundcard is USB, so I use the HD on firewire.
> HTH,
> -Angus

Hi Angus,
yes, the problem being a lack of USB 2 on the ibook and I do use a 
firewire (Metric Halo) audio interface. Also, FW800 is a helluvalot 
faster than 400 with external drives.

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