[iBook] Mini-CDs

victoria duggan victoria.duggan at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 5 06:11:01 PDT 2005

  Hi yes they exist i have one i will dig it out ad see if it is  
branded with a logo so you can google to see where to get them.

I got mine from a boot sale.

On 5 Oct 2005, at 04:43, Kevin Avery wrote:

> On 10/4/05, Dave Wyman <davewyman at imountainman.com> wrote:
>> Will mini-CDs play in slot-loading iBooks?
>> Dave
> No, they will not. If you put it in you will end up disassembling the
> iBook and the drive to get the disc out.
> Someone told me a while back that there was some kind of carrier you
> could snap mini CDs into so they could be used with slot load drives,
> I have never actually seen such a carrier, I have only heard a rumor.
> So they may exist, not sure.

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