[iBook] Re:how much memory for my new ibook PLUS What Books?

Geoffrey Loeffler geoffrey at alaska.net
Fri Oct 21 09:08:05 PDT 2005

On Sep 13, 2005, at 3:31 , Jill Whenmouth wrote:

>   Today, I ordered the max!...
> I gig!! Yeah!
Best thing you could do

> Also  ordered from Other World Computing  a thin leather protector  
> as a
> barrier between screen and keyboard... probably should have asked  
> if anyone
> has tried it!  darn.
I have a pismo and they work real well, if you do not use them you  
will most likely get key mars from oil and dirt on your hands. They  
also give you a screen cleaner and a taste of there liquid cleaner. I  
just use a damp paper towel rub lightly.

> And from another source, ordered a sleeve made by rad tech of the  
> stuff to
> clean screens with.   again, I should have asked for feedback!  It  
> sounds
> like it should be good in terms of protection, but what I don't  
> know is how
> easy it is or isn't to put on.
That beats my paper towel>>>>>

> Bought  my ibook applecare (Not from Apple... Apple wanted $250; I  
> found it
> for $179)
Good deal

> On the phone, I asked Apple to match the Applecare price, but they
> wouldn't.  Yet a friend who went into an Apple store got the price
> matched... that was about a two months ago.  I wonder if they have  
> changed
> their price matching policy or if they have more freedom to bargain  
> in the
I would bet the store would have the ability to bargain better for  
newbies to apple, sorta give them the apple bite in the
neck and you need an Apple forever and only a silver bullet from  
Intel Chip will cure but wait....

> store than on the phone store.
It's there now

> Online at the apple site, I read that they'll price match up to 10%  
> which
> Apple did do for the airport express and for the ibook itself.
> for choosing some books.  I
> was thinking of getting Pogue's latest... I assume he must have a  
> Tiger book
> out?  ... and maybe one on iLife or something separately for itunes.
> running, and books work for me as a place to start.  Anyone have  
> favorite
> books to recommend for my new life with OSX and Tiger and all the  
> great app
> goodies Apple includes?
OS X the tiger addition for all the basics but over all, I have found  
just working with the machine is great. The GUI is much more  
intuitive and flows well. The help section is very good on basics and  
will really do a lot for you, if you follow it. Find a few sites were  
newbies are treated well. This is a pretty good one. The Apple boards  
especially late at night,  get some real good posts and answers. Just  
keep the beast underneath asleep, if you want to learn how it works,  
well UNIX is for you. I would use the OS X tiger book and wait for  
awhile and then decide where you need to get a little more  
understanding, that way you can narrow the need and the cash down.  
Their really starting to  get this going.
Have fun, I am sure you will enjoy it for many years to come.

> Thanks again, Jill

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