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Mon Oct 24 06:45:43 PDT 2005

In a message dated 10/23/05 10:41:53 AM, mike at beernotes.com writes:

>Does anybody know if this dLink product will plug into my iBook and 
>actually work?
>It's a "wireless bridge" that claims to need no drivers for Mac or 
>What say you?

As long as the wireless bridge connects to the computer via an Ethernet 
connection, and the configuration is done via a web browser, no problem.

I use a funky 4th-party(!) clip-on wifi bridge on my ancient Powerbook 2300c 
to make it wireless; all I had to do was set the TCP-IP to match its web 
browser configuration address, and switch it back to DHCP when I was done.

Craig W.

Craig W. (on a Kanga wifi'd by Lucent Orinoco)
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