[iBook] Re:how much memory for my new ibook PLUS What Books?

Jill Whenmouth jillwhenmouth at mac.com
Tue Sep 13 04:31:31 PDT 2005

Thank you all for your input re my memory choices.  I'd been leaning towards
maxing it, and you reinforced that decision.    Today, I ordered the max!...
I gig!! Yeah!

Also  ordered from Other World Computing  a thin leather protector as a
barrier between screen and keyboard... probably should have asked if anyone
has tried it!  darn.

And from another source, ordered a sleeve made by rad tech of the stuff to
clean screens with.   again, I should have asked for feedback!  It sounds
like it should be good in terms of protection, but what I don't know is how
easy it is or isn't to put on.

Bought  my ibook applecare (Not from Apple... Apple wanted $250; I found it
for $179)

 On the phone, I asked Apple to match the Applecare price, but they
wouldn't.  Yet a friend who went into an Apple store got the price
matched... that was about a two months ago.  I wonder if they have changed
their price matching policy or if they have more freedom to bargain in the
store than on the phone store.

Online at the apple site, I read that they'll price match up to 10% which
Apple did do for the airport express and for the ibook itself.

So that's almost it... last thing left is the fun of choosing some books.  I
was thinking of getting Pogue's latest... I assume he must have a Tiger book
out?  ... and maybe one on iLife or something separately for itunes.   (Time
to dispose of  my shelf of assorted  books from the days of OS9!!!) I like
to really learn all the ins and outs of a system and of any apps I'm
running, and books work for me as a place to start.  Anyone have favorite
books to recommend for my new life with OSX and Tiger and all the great app
goodies Apple includes?

Thanks again, Jill

on 9/9/05 7:03 PM, ibook-request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com at
ibook-request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com wrote:

 This new 12" ibook (upgraded to 60 gigs),
> 1.33ghz,  comes standard with  512 mg.
> Should I add 512 mg memory  for a total of 1 gig?  (Other World Computing
> has a price of $59.99; Crucial a price of $68.99)(Those are both good
> companies still, right?)
> or should I add  1 gig of memory (Other World Computing $136.95/ Crucial
> $159) 

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