[iBook] Re: A Black iBook

Joe Roberts joereform at mac.com
Mon Sep 19 07:54:23 PDT 2005

For something professionally done, you can go to  
www.colorwarepc.com.  I have never used them myself, but what they  
have on the site looks pretty interesting, if not a little pricey.   
Click on "services."

On Sep 19, 2005, at 7:33 AM, Dennis Reeder wrote:

> While a friend and I (well mostly him) installed a new optical  
> drive in my 14" G4 ibook I attempted to dye the ibook case a deep  
> blackish blue color.
> I had read up on lacrosse players who had dyed their baskets and/or  
> sticks using Rit dye.
> I attempted to do the same thing
> The ibook bottom case and battery cover came out a deep dark  
> green.  It looked like Italian marble.  Not what I wanted but it  
> was kind of interesting.  Unfortunately the color has faded quite a  
> bit in the ensuing 3 months.  Now it is a pale faint greenish  
> color.  It's the bottom so it's hardly noticeable until you turn it  
> over.  Not sure exactly why it is fading.  Ultra-violet?  Air?  The  
> color is not rubbing off it is just fading away.
> I still think a black ibook would look pretty neat...and it would  
> remind me of my goregous Pismo.
> I would attempt paint but have heard that it tends to chip off.   
> Early ibooks could have the white stripped off (it was applied on  
> the inside to a clear case) and then new paint sprayed on the  
> inside.  The 2nd gen ibooks have white plastic so it's either dye  
> (so far not real successful) or paint (which chips).
> If you've had success with colorizing your ibook I would like to  
> hear about it.  And no, I don't want to pay someone several hundred  
> dollars to do it for me.  Just not in my budget plus I like the  
> idea of DIY.
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