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Angus, et All Listas
G'day! right back atcha in downunderwonderland of Oz...

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> G'day Bill,
> If you really can't find a 'proper' Japanese keyboard, you can 
> probably just
> plug in a US keyboard, and tell the Mac to 'map' the keys as though 
> the board
> was japanese (I did this when I wanted to write in Swedish on my 
> iBook). This
> will be a bit confusing, if you can't touch-type on a Japanese 
> keyboard, but
> you might be able to rub out the english letters (on the keys 
> themselves), and
> just write the appropriate character in its stead.
> There's a nifty little applet that can help you. If you go
> System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu
> you should be able to 'Show input menu in menu bar' which, among other 
> things,
> will allow you to set some keyboard mappings, and display a little 
> onscreen
> keyboard. This might help you!
> Quoting Cornett:
>> I'm very much still on a hunt for a good working Japanese
>> Language Input Keyboard for this Clamshell 366SE (Firewire)
>> model(a 466SE might also work), if anyone has one gathering
>> dust/unneeded to part with for cheap or even perhaps a point-
>> to hunt URL* for one, do Please give me a holler off-List.

Very appreciative for the ideas, really. In fact, I've got both
a US and Japanese plugin USB keyboards, and do use the various
Japanese key input methods currently on my Mac DTs, but for this
iBook I'm in need of the mobility without the external plugins
for classes, seminars, and generally a roadwarrior at heart, etc.,
and for mostly the fact that a several of the keycaps are missing
(most badly missed is the Return) on the current Jp KB installed.

And pbparts.com hasn't any of the uniquely shaped(and larger)
Jp keycaps available, though they've the needed sissorlocks.
(*I do hope that the uRL links help someone else fix their's)

And so, it looks like I'm still hunting and wishing, 'cause I'm
not sure I want to apply all of those lil' decal/sticker thingys
(that remind me of the ones inside Apple's Language Kits circa
OS7.5 or so to OS8) onto the remaining keycaps just yet, for use
in both OS9.22 and X.3.9 systems.

Thanx again Angus for your time and kind considerations.
Have a Goodun.

Respectful of GURUs
Bill Cornett


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