[iBook] Recording for my bird

Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Sun Apr 9 17:57:16 PDT 2006

Jim Manley wrote:

> I want to teach my bird to talk so I want to make a recording on my  
> Ibook to repeat over & over for an hour or 2 for him to listen to  
> while I am out.
> How is the best way to do this on my Ibook?

You can use Audacity (audacity.sf.net) to make the recording and  
export it as MP3. Once you've done that, set up a playlist in iTunes  
containing only the recording(s) you want to use to train your bird,  
put it in loop mode, and hit Play.

You'll also have to use the Energy Saver settings in System  
Preferences to keep the iBook from sleeping.

There are probably fancier ways to do this, but this one doesn't cost  
you anything. ;-)

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