[iBook] Seagate HD in 1.2GHz G4 12" iBook?

Richard J Laue rjlauelists at hawaiiantel.net
Mon Apr 17 10:22:57 PDT 2006

Tom is right, in his comments down below.

I've got a 100gb, 5400rpm Seagate in my 1.33 G4 12" iBook.  The way I 
figured it was, if I was going to pay the expense of having someone 
open up the iBook -- which is expensive and complicated! -- then I 
would bite the bullet, pay a little more, and get the biggest, 
fastest hard drive that I could afford.  After all, I only want to do 
this once!

The 120gig drives are still too expensive (BIG price jump up from the 
100gb).  But the price jump from the 60gb to 80gb is pretty small, 
and so is the jump up to 100gb.

And the 5400rpm drive really does give a performance boost over the 
4200rpm one.  

So, if you're GOING to replace the drive, don't mickey-mouse around 
-- do it with gusto!  You will NOT regret it!  You'll benefit from 
the extra speed -- and the extra storage! -- every day you own your 

You can get a Seagate Momentus 5400.2 ST9100824A 100GB Ultra ATA/100 
5400RPM 2.5in Mobile Hard Drive from ZipZoomFly.com for $141, which 
includes shipping.  Other vendors have comparable prices.  

BTW:  I'm running an identical Seagate drive as a backup drive in an 
external case.  The drives have never given me a bit of trouble, and 
yes, they've got a 5-year warranty.

Cheers and aloha -

>Just my opinion, but if you're going to go through all the work to replace
>the hard drive in an iBook, which is not a trivial task, you should spring
>the extra bucks for a 5400 RPM drive.  With OS X, every place you can
>improve speed helps, and I noticed more speed improvement from a 5400RPM
>hard disk upgrade than from my extra RAM.
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