[iBook] Airport Reception

Russ Gorman rusty57 at mac.com
Mon Aug 7 09:11:40 PDT 2006

On Aug 7, 2006, at 8:37 AM, David L. Moody wrote:

> I have 3 iBooks accessing the internet on an Airport Extreme  
> network.  Recently the Power PC G3 384 MB 500 MHZ iBook running OS  
> 9.2.2 and Airport 2.0.4 lost the ability to communicate unless it  
> is within 2-3 feet of the Airport Extreme.  The other 2 iBooks  
> still communicate at the normal range. Any ideas of the problem and  
> how to solve it?  Thanks
> -- 
> David L. Moody

Loose antennae connector? Open the keyboard and make sure the Airport  
card is fully seated and especially check the antennae lead to make  
sure it is properly connected.  It takes a strong push to connect the  

If all is well here ,it may be that the antennae wire has been  
crushed by the hinge.

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