[iBook] Installed security update now iBook will not boot

VICTORIA.DUGGAN victoria.duggan at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 11 07:36:42 PDT 2006

> You might start by powering off and then resetting PRAM by holding  
> down the Apple/Option/P and R keys while starting up. Wait until  
> you hear 3 start-up chimes and then release the keys.
> If that doesn't take you you back to a normal state, let us know.
>  M

Hi The Ibook 600 does not have a pram battery

You need to do a system reset and then i remove the battery and put  
it back in and then start it up. Thats what i do for my G3 900 and it  
works every time. . apple has all the info listed on there sight when  
you go to support and ibook and start up issues.

The battery is just what i need to do and does not need to be done by  
every one. it is just the thing that works for my book.


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