[iBook] Wireless printing - now wireless network security

Russ Gorman rusty57 at mac.com
Thu Aug 24 22:24:41 PDT 2006

The pulldown menu for the airport on the menu bar will show you the  
various networks available if they are broadcasting an ssid ( a  
visible name )
The Apple airport software, if you are using an Airport base station  
(regular, extreme or express) has a variety of easy ways to set up  
security- the most effective and direct is the use of MAC addresses  
which you put in the Access Control pane of the Airport administrator  
Each piece of hardware has a hard coded address built in which is  
formed of six pairs of numbers and letters like 00:62:d6:b3:94:0d
these are entered into the list of allowed clients and will be the  
only machines allowed on your network, with or without a password.
Other less effective ways are WEP and WPA2 which encrypt the  
communications between base stations and clients.
The other option available is to not broadcast an ssid. Which means  
your network is invisible to snoops like me or anyone else but if you  
type in the correct network name and password you will be allowed in.

iStumbler 96(available at www.versiontracker.com)  is an interesting  
piece of freeware that allows you to see multiple networks and base  
stations easily- you can see what channel all the other networks are  
using and choose one for yourself that isn't so crowded.
There's also a widget available called "Airport Radar" that does  
similar things.
If you are using a non-Apple wireless node all of these options  
should still be available in obscure and convoluted ways ; ) usually  
thorough a browser interface of some sort.

On Aug 24, 2006, at 9:07 PM, Kristina Rost wrote:

> Sounds like there may be than one network within reach of your  
> computer.
>  I can see about eleven different networks from my house
> Wow i just moved from rural prairie acres +  to a townhouse on .15  
> lots in an old section of a city...how can I be sure my security is  
> on? Where do I see other networks?
> I used my library's wireless printing system (back home), it  
> required a number dot numbedot number  type sequence and I had to  
> turn my automatic search for network to for the closest/strongest  
> signal. But then you probably already knew all that.
> Kristina
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