[iBook] Wireless printing

Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Fri Aug 25 18:20:24 PDT 2006

> Sounds like there may be than one network within reach of your  
> computer.  If your wireless node is still setup to the factory  
> defaults, and your neighbor's is as well, then it's easy for them  
> to have the same name, say "Linksys"  and be on the same channel  
> and not have security enabled so jumping from one to another is  
> likely. I can see about eleven different networks from my house-  
> Two are called linksys and 6 of them are all on the same frequency.  
> 4 have no security enabled.

Sheesh, I'll bet those six on the same frequency have people  
wondering why their networks are soooo sllooooowwww.

Today at work, I was editing the internal web page text for an  
everything box (everything = cable modem, two phone lines, four  
Ethernet ports, plus wireless), and it defaulted to channel 11. Lots  
of slowness ensued, as our (very busy) work network is also on  
channel 11. To add to the pleasure, someone else was working with  
another prototype, close enough where I could see it on my iBook, and  
neither one of us had changed the default name.

I decided enough was enough, changed the SSID and the channel, and  
rebooted... the other guy's box. Yep, I was accessing the w0rng one.

> Not that I was looking or anything...

Looking is fun sometimes.

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