[iBook] Keep wifi password in keychain

Janice F. Jorgensen janicejorgensen at charter.net
Mon Dec 18 19:29:07 PST 2006

In my utilities folder, I cannot find WEP Key.. So I can't move ahead.
A search didn't find it either.

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> At 7:52 PM -0500 12/18/06, Janice F. Jorgensen wrote:
>> I have an Ibook dual usb 500 mz. With an airport card and use 10.4.8.
>> Every time I choose my airport card I have to enter my wep password.
>> Many times I have entered my password and indicated keep in keychain.
>> But I still have to enter the information each time.
>> There must be something I can do to eliminate this.
> Open up Keychain Access (located in the Utilities folder inside the
> Application Folder).  Look for your WEP Key (it's not really a
> password), it's Kind should be "Airport network password" and double
> click on it.  Click on the Access Control Tab.  Click on "Allow all
> applications to acess this item".
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