[iBook] How to restore to "new, out of the box" state?

Gary Archer garcher at mac.com
Sun Dec 24 08:30:15 PST 2006

On 12/23/06 4:57 AM, "gooddog at interlync.com" <gooddog at interlync.com> wrote:

> On the subject of my iBook going to the 14 year old for Christmas, I
> have lost my instructions for restoring the iBook back to how it
> arrived. The idea was to put it back to the way it was so that when
> the boy opens it, turns it on, he will be seeing it as if it were
> new, with the welcome screen, and the set-up.
> Can anyone point me to these directions? I have a memory of starting
> up from the cd, doing a erase and install, and then there was another
> step that enabled this "new, outofthebox" piece, but I'm a blank.
> Thanks for your help, and "happy holidays".
Boot from the Software Restore CD's (CD1) (not the OS X install CD).  Select
and format the HD, give it the name Macintosh HD for completeness.  My iBook
has 5 Software Restore CD's, three OS X CD's a TechTool CD (from the
AppleCare Support) .


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