[iBook] RAM

Mary H. maryh at brucetelecom.com
Mon Feb 13 13:37:57 PST 2006

At 2:49 PM -0600 2/13/06, / dave / wrote:

>Not long ago, someone posted info regarding the possibility of 
>installing more than 640MB of RAM in an older iBook (like an 800MHz 

I think the best way to find out how much RAM any particular Mac 
model can take, is to go to the website of one of the well-known Mac 
RAM dealers (OWC, for example, there are many others) and use their 
form to search for RAM for  that model. The search result will help 
you determine what the max RAM config is.

You have 128 MB built-in, and one slot for another module, right? 
What's the biggest module offered? That's your answer. I haven't 
looked, but I'm guessing that 640 MB is still max RAM for that 
generation iBook.


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