[iBook] run OS 10.3 on new 12" G4 iBook?

VICTORIA.DUGGAN victoria.duggan at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 27 13:40:12 PST 2006

On Feb 27, 2006, at 4:55 PM, Clark Martin wrote:

> At 11:13 AM -0500 2/27/06, Tom R. no spam wrote:
>> The specification for the current 12" G4 iBooks (1.33MHz,
>> scrolling trackpad, sudden motion sensor HD) is that
>> minimum OS is 10.4.  Has anyone ever tried to install
>> OS 10.3 on one?  Does it work?  Maybe not supporting all
>> the features like the scrolling trackpad and SMS HD which
>> distinguish the current model from the prior 1.2 MHz model,
>> but otherwise does it work?

Hi If the install is  anything like the mac mini then the answer will  
be no.

My mini shipped with tiger and i tried the panther install rather  
than upping the other macs in the house and it was a no go. just kept  
telling me no with the big red circle and line so i ended up with a  
mix of panther and tiger around the house. it is still fine for  
mixing but a-lot of the new stuff requires tiger Like ilife 06 so i  
will need to save a-bit  and upgrade the lot before  long.


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