[iBook] Optical Drive Options for an IceBook.

Joe Sporleder joe at wacondatrader.com
Thu Jun 1 13:19:22 PDT 2006

Our publishing company has an older iBook, "ice colored" 600mhz G3  
with a CD-ROM drive for the optical drive. The CD-Drive doesn't want  
to stay "latched" inside like it's supposed to.

It has a decent amount of RAM and hard drive storage and I'd like to  
easily install Tiger on it from DVD. So, I'm checking around some of  
the online places that sell replacement Combo drive compatible  
opticals for this iBook. My local Apple Dealer wants $179 for the  
drive plus $100 for labor. I've googled a few places that have Combo  
compatible drives for about $129, and so I thought I'd ask if anyone  
has replaced their own optical drive in their dual USB iBook, and did  
you do all of the work yourself and whom did you use as your parts  
supplier and were you happy with doing business with them?

I'm tech coordinator for a small publishing company, so am more  
comfortable than most doing many of my own replacements, but not as  
comfortable as a full fledged Apple qualified service provider.


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