[iBook] Looks for Classic at start-up

Clark Martin cmmac at sonic.net
Sat Jun 3 10:47:23 PDT 2006

At 1:17 PM +0100 6/3/06, Laura Bruce wrote:
>Hi there.
>The odd time I actually shut down my ibook G4 1.2 (running OS X
>10.3.9) instead of just letting it sleep, when I re-start I get an
>alert that says, "Classic could not be found" or something like that,
>and then it opens in OS X.
>Any idea how I can get it to stop looking for Classic at start-up?

Go to System Preferences / Startup Disk and select Mac OS X, 10.3.9 
on BOOT DISK.  If that is already selected try selecting something 
else, quit, open System Preferences / Startup Disk again and select 
Mac OS X, 10.3.9 on BOOT DISK.

In the latter case, sometimes settings get fouled up and the only way 
to correct them is to switch to an alternate and then the correct 
Clark Martin
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