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Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Sun Jun 11 06:13:54 PDT 2006

Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:

> I prefer bottom posting myself with two caveats: 1) If the quoted  
> material is too long but I want to refer to all of it in my  
> response [...]
> or 2) I'll intersperse my responses within the quotes if separate  
> point-by-point responses are warranted.

Top posting might also be appropriate when you know that the intended  
recipient is going to read it on a cell phone. Either that, or edit  
mercilessly to keep both quote and reply as brief as possible.

> I had not thought of top-posting as a Micro$oft thing, but now that  
> you mention it, M$ users as a group tend to be lazy and unwilling  
> to scroll aaaaalllllll the way down to read a message's response

Both of the requesters were on Hotmail, now that you mention it.

Actually, the different names, and the similarity of the requests,  
led me to wonder if some piece of malware was generating spurious  
"unsubscribe" requests -- but if that were the case, I would have  
expected bunches of them by now.

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