[iBook] Graphite clamshell to give?

Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Sun Jun 11 06:16:54 PDT 2006

Paul Savard wrote:

> Well, you were probably right, a key was stuck pressed somewhere,  
> or something!
> But good news...that key has recently released, because I am now  
> able to do a full startup on that IBook clamshell graphite! [...]
> But the keyboard is kind of terminatwed...sticky inside, etc
> If I could just find a replacement for that not so hard to remove  
> keyboard, I would gladly attempt the operation!!

Maybe you could soak it overnight in *distilled* water, followed by a  
day or two air drying in a warm (but not directly sun-lit) location.  
That might dissolve whatever got spilled in the keyboard.

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