[iBook] Failed Hardrive

Don Irving dbear77 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 12:10:56 PDT 2006

Hey all

I have a 14" iBook G3 900mhz(last of the G3 iBooks) whose hard drive
just failed. I was playing the Sims & the computer got really warm, &
then the game froze... I could hear the hard drive clicking away but
it never did "un freeze" So I re-booted the machine & was faced with
the missing sysem folder icon. So I booted the machine with the OS X
disk & tried to run disk utility ... it recognized that there was a
drive, but couldnt do anything to it.

I've decided to replace the original Toshiba 40gig drive (MK4021GAS)
with a larger  80-100gig drive, but all the drives that I can find are
ATA-6 drives & the specs on my current drive show that it's an ATA-5
drive. What are the differences between ATA-5 & 6 and can I use the
ATA-6 drive in my machine?


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