[iBook] Failed Hardrive

VICTORIA.DUGGAN victoria.duggan at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 20 10:22:08 PDT 2006

Hi All

need help here I need to know how to get hold of the Chicago state  
Police. from The Uk

Reason for asking is I sent someone on the swap list an Ibook 900 G3  
with combo 384 ram and good battery and 20gb hdd Under the illusion.  
That they were honest and know that they have signed for the book i  
have not even got a reply to my emails for the last 3 days. I know  
that i have lost the book and also that i will not get the money or  
the desk top for it as i have been conned and would like to involve  
the police as i am out of pocket buy £400. FOR THE BOOK AND ALSO £90.  
TO SEND IT. I would like to have this person prosecuted if i can. and  
also slandered  and named as a thief.

I am really disappointed that these people can get on these lists and  
are so dishonest. can anyone in Chicago help me out here. i can mail  
you all the details of the person and also give you a description of  
the signs i left on the book to tell it was mine (i will not give  
these out to the list.).

Second dealing with the states this last year that have gone bad and  
i think that i will be calling it a day for sending bits over there  
now. apart from the friends that i have onlist that i trust. and Know  
i can trust.

Sorry to tar people with the same brush but it has cost me to much to  
be understanding any more.

a very sick and pissed off


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