[iBook] white line on screen?

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Thu Jun 29 13:36:43 PDT 2006

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> I would try an external monitor to see if it is the video board or
> the display.
> Just a guess on my part but I doubt a line of pixels would go at once
> but I am no expert on LCDs.

It is a possible failure - I've seen many LCDs with an entire failed column
of px.

Good idea to check on an external, but I'd expect that to be ok.

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Malcolm Cornelius - The Powerbook Fanatic

As the computer heats up.. it went away.... ?????/ or was diminished... then 
i turned it off and it was very faint..
this stuff happens like one minute to the next?  but the line is very 
hmmm  no external to test it with ...


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