[iBook] Garageband on iBook 1.2 GHz

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Sun Nov 12 10:22:40 PST 2006

First of all, thank you one and all, Diana, Angus, and Howard.   
Here's the situation in a bit more detail, which will address the  
many questions raised:

The kid we're talking about is 13, and has only used Windows. My wife  
and I, the kid's mom, and the kid attended a GB demo on a Sunday  
morning at our local Apple Store. The musician who demo-ed did a  
great job, resulting in said teenager being in a lather to get GB and  
a Mac.

His use would be as a beginner, though I let him borrow this iBook  
one time to give it a test run with his band mates from school (small  
college prep academy), who want to play rock music. They created a  
piece with several tracks using the loops, and had a blast doing so.

His other interest is the piano, which would be combined with GB for  
playing/recording. There are plans to get a keyboard to go along with  
his new gift (He's not aware of this current iteration of the gift.  
All he knows is that he's asked for a Mac, and it could be a family  
computer that all will share.). He's demonstrated considerable skill  
with playing piano, and immediately saw the potential for composing  
and creating music with a keyboard when he was at the GB demo.

I'm wondering, is there any software or plug-ins that helps GB be  
used for lessons? What's a good keyboard? Would a keyboard work with  
this iBook?

Again, I appreciate your help and response on this matter. I'm clued  
in enough to guide them toward the Mac, but with music, GB type  
material, I'm rather clueless.

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