[iBook] rebuilt batteries

Larry Kollar kollar at alltel.net
Sun Oct 8 09:47:44 PDT 2006

Steve R wrote:

> My local electronics shop (The Source formerly known as RadioShack)  
> advertises that it rebuilds laptop batteries at a lower cost than  
> buying new. The battery that came with this used iBook dual usb  
> holds about 3 minutes of charge so I do need a replacement. Two  
> questions. How good are rebuilt laptop batteries, and can I  
> continue to use the laptop on ac with the battery missing?

Presumably they use new cells, so the only old part of the battery  
should be the shell and the "smarts" that monitor the charge. Unless  
there are problems with those, a rebuilt battery should literally be  
good as new. If they offer that service here, I'll have to see if  
they can rebuild a camera flash battery for me.

You can use the laptop without a battery, just keep it plugged in.

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