[iBook] Was:iBook with USB 1.1 and iPod problem (R Hefner)

Keith Parker parker at stlouissedans.com
Sun Oct 22 14:07:36 PDT 2006

Hi R Hefner,

I have about a 4 year old iBook dual usb, and it works fine with my  
Nano, we had to add a usb 2 pci card to my wife's old G4 "PCI  
Graphics" for her Nano to charge properly.

just my $.02


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> Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 11:19:29 -0700 (PDT)
> From: R Hefner <rshefner_uk at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [iBook] iBook with USB 1.1 and iPod problem
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> Hiya all,
> I am looking at getting a new iPod shuffle or possibly
> a nano, but unfortunately I found
> out they only work with USB 2.0 and my iBook is a G3
> with USB 1.1. Can't afford to
> upgrade the Mac right now...but I have a PC with USB
> 2.0.  Could I use the PC to upload
> mp3s for now and then still use the iPod with a Mac in
> the future. In a nutshell...will
> the same iPod work with a Mac and Windows or are they
> two different models?
> The second problem is that the Windows machine is
> pretty old (I've added the USB 2 card)
> and is running Windows 98 SE....can the new iPods be
> made to work with this OS...Apple
> site says no.
> Any other ideas on how I can get a iPod working for me
>  preferably with my iBook without buying a new
> computer?
> Cheers!

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