[iBook] Anyone need most of an iBook G3/500?

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Wed Oct 25 16:55:10 PDT 2006

Hi y'all,

I've been sort of lurking...

Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I got an iBook dual USB off  
eBay, mostly because I wanted to play with Tiger generally and  
Voiceover in particular. Well, as it happens, this machine's just a  
bit too slow running Voiceover and what-not for me to comfortably  
use; which is to say, I'll be getting a faster one sometime.  
Meantime, If anyone needs the better part of one of these, I'd let  
this one go pretty cheap, including a copy of OSX Tiger (full DVD).

The reason I say most of a system is this, and why someone could get  
a good deal. The track pad doesn't seem to click. The button presses,  
but while the mouse cursor moves, it ddoesn't seem to click. I  
suspect it has something to do with the fact that the lid doesn't  
latch, either. Both of these things did work, but now they don't.  
Probably easy for someone, but not for me, and I really didn't notice  
until I thought about unloading this thing and having someone check.  
Since I'm blind (which is why I was using Voiceover), I had no reason  
to use the mouse or complain about its unresponsiveness.

That said, this machine's got 320 MB RAM, a 20GB hard drive, combo  
drive ($X CD burner/24X CDROM/I dunno what speed it plays DVD's at),  
Airport card, ethernet and modem. Also an after-market battery  
charger, and the battery, last I used it, lasted well over three  
hours with the power savings set to "better energy savings". Mind  
you, this is with the audio going nonstop (because it was talking).

Of course, the case has some rough edges from the previous owner.  
Also, the i key feels a bit crooked, but all the keys work anyway.  
Far as I can tell, and I'm typing on it now, those (with the latch  
and the mouse button issue) are the only gotchas with this thing.

It will come to you with a fresh install of OSX, so you don't have to  
deal with all the junk I had on it. Else I can just wipe the thing  
and let you do your own install. Whichever.

Knowing how much of a show stopper the whole mouse thing can be for  
people, I was looking to get around $150. Well, maybe *way* around.  
Not sure how unreasonable this is, so someone can feel free to make  
an offer if you need pieces and parts. Since it seems to be a big  
deal on eBay for some reason, I cound two rubber stoppers on the LCD  
panel and four rubber feet on the bottom.


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