[iBook] WiFi security on iBook?

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Thu Oct 26 07:56:28 PDT 2006


As far as the wireless network is concerned, it's not so much to do
with the security of your computer (which just determines if it can be
hacked into and if people can do nasty things to/with it), but rather
the security of the data between your computer and your router. If
your wireless access doesn't require some sort of password, I expect
it's probably also unencrypted. I would recommend that you employ some
form of encryption on your wireless connection. In your router, turn
on either WEP or WPA PSK encryption. Because Windows' WPA support
seems a bit flaky, I've got my network set for WEP at 128-bit
encryption. You would also be well advised to turn off your SSID
broadcast. The SSID broadcast puts the name of your network out so
that anyone can see what your network's name is and try to connect. 

Of course, turning on encryption (so your data isn't being transmitted
in the clear) and turning off your SSID broadcast (so people can't
just accidentally see your network) isn't 100%. Nothing is. But it's
better by far than having your network wide open, for sure. 
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