[iBook] WiFi security on iBook?

John Bohn j.bohn at cox.net
Fri Oct 27 14:45:41 PDT 2006

On 10/27/06 9:14 AM, "Peter Nevett" <nevett at tequis.com.mx> wrote:

> My wife's Clamshell G3  iBook has an "old" Airport card (not Airport
> Extreme).
> If I turn on WEP encryption on my wireless router, the G4 continues to
> work but the G3 cannot communicate.
> Do all Airport cards support WEP encryption?

Hi, Peter. The Clamshell iBook and its first generation AirPort card will
support 128 bit WEP encryption if you update its AirPort software to version
2.0.4. You can download it here:



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