[iBook] DiskWarrior Not Being Read By iBook

Mark Kippert maclists at kippert.com
Wed Sep 27 03:55:22 PDT 2006

Fred Stevens K2FRD on 9/26/06 11:38 AM wrote:

> I'm trying to run DW off my external Firewire CD drive (EZQuest).
> Each time, while holding down the "C" key on a restart, the computer
> starts up normally, ignoring the DiskWarrior. Once fully booted, a
> window pops up stating, "The disk could not be read by this
> computer". 

The "C" key tells the computer to start up the internal optical drive. This
doesn't work with an external device.

Try holding down the Option key at startup. You'll come to a screen that
will allow you to select from any available bootable volume (internal or
FireWire external). At that screen click the volume's icon you want to boot
from and click the continue arrow.

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