[iBook] Fantasy Mac Buying

Richard J Laue rjlauelists at hawaiiantel.net
Thu Aug 23 06:54:05 PDT 2007

>I'll be using it a lot, for work (I'm freelance so I can't *not* 
>have a computer)

The answer to your question is in the above line.

One thing you'll get (among others) with a new MacBook is a warranty, 
and if you buy Applecare -- and you should! -- you've got three 
year's worth of protection for your livelihood-necessary primary tool.

I just went through a similar excercise -- retain 2 yr-old iBook vs 
upgrade to MacBook -- and like you, I absolutely depend on my laptop 
for my daily bread.  Every way I did the math (or the day-dreaming!) 
it came out in favor of getting the new machine.

BTW -- you can help relieve yourself of the agonizing by spending 15 
or 20 minutes with one of the new machines.  You'll quickly be sold, 
and I promise you, after a week or so you'll be wondering what took 
you so long!

Cheers and aloha -

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