[iBook] Double layer superdrive

James Paul Manley jesus.is.healing.my.cancer at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 10:07:45 PST 2007

I own Toast as well but I haven't bought any dl disks yet.
James Paul Manley

I am 59 years old, diagnosed PCa 8-9-06 Gleason 9. hasn't gone
into the bone, has spread to my lungs & bladder. Which has been
resolved. Taking Nilandron pills  &  Zoledex  shots. PSA is 0.3

On  3:03:00   3:03:00, at 3:03 AM, Skygram wrote:

> Hi James,
> Your burning software should be able to recognize what type of disks  
> that
> you are using. Of course, when burning double layer discs you need  
> the 8.7
> double layer media. I didn't know that fact when I first started  
> attempting
> to burn in the DL format. I spent a good few hours screwing up.
> I use Toast and it has you choose which media you want, either "DVD"  
> or "DVD
> DL". I only use DL discs on occasion as they are still relatively  
> expensive.
> I only buy them when they are around a buck apiece.
> Bill
> Montreal
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