[iBook] Clamshell iBooks and DVD

Malcolm Cornelius malcolm at fireflyuk.net
Mon Dec 17 05:49:56 PST 2007

> I have a 366Mhz Indigo Clamshell iBook with the 10Gb hard drive  (I  
> would term it the second generation although there was a 366Mhz  
> clamshell iBook with a 6Gb hard drive).
> The question: Can I replace the existing CD-ROM with a DVD or combo  
> drive to watch DVDs. I saw one reference that the logic board might  
> not support a DVD player due to a decoder not being on the logic  
> board.

Yes you can, be aware your existing bezel almost certainly won't fit.

IIRC for video playback you'll need to be on OS X.

Best wishes

Malcolm Cornelius - The Powerbook Fanatic

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