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Thu Feb 1 12:41:21 PST 2007

an easy route for this is to create another temporary user account on 
the system, set it to auto-login on the drive, so when it's booted, 
it automatically boots to the other user.

The ultra paranoid can also add another layer of protection by adding 
FileVault to the hard drive, which further encrypts your data.


>The other day I posted a query about the ring or bushing surrounding 
>the battery retaining screw on my iBook 1.25GHz.
>I thank all who provided me with advice. I am getting the part 
>replace via Apple Care.
>I need to drop my iBook off for a day. If I remove the User file 
>from the computer, will the technician be able to replace the bottom 
>of the iBook?
>I'd prefer not to leave personal info etc at the eyes and hands of 
>someone I don't know.
>Any constructive suggestions are greatly appreciated. I thank you 
>all in advance. Cheers.
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