[iBook] G4 iBook logic board

Howard Pettigrew howard.pettigrew at xtra.co.nz
Sun Feb 25 10:20:08 PST 2007

Doug, the problems with the white iBooks is related to design faults  
- this is from a good friend who is an Apple Distinguished Educator  
and who was lucky enough to spend some time at Cupertino with other  
Apple Distinguished Educators from around the planet at a retreat /  
conference. The problem was acknowledged by a senior Apple person and  
people lost their job over this. It has nothing to do with dirty  
electrical service. Interestingly, original designs (and possibly  
some prototypes - can't remember, had a handle like the clamshell!
In my experience in schools in NZ, a lot of it comes down to handling  
- laptops carried around with screens open etc are more susceptible.  
Some schools have had terrible runs while others have had little  
troubles. Of the very first 3 we got at the College of Education I  
was working at at the time, 2 had to go back almost straight away -  
there seems to have been batches of 'bad ones'. The sad thing is that  
one replacement logicboard did not fix the problem - I went through 3  
before they replaced my G4 with a MacBook. I would be the first to  
admit  though that I was pretty hard on my laptop - it went with the  
territory I was working in.
Hope this is of interest
H in NZ
On 26/02/2007, at 3:52 AM, Ron Reames wrote:

> I went through three logic boards on my G3 iBook before Apple  
> replaced it with a G4.
> After 2 years, now the G4 iBook logic board has gone bad. (Thank  
> goodness for AppleCare).
> My tech person thinks dirty electrical service is the problem.
> However, I DO have a UPS and it IS working.
> I'm tempted to sell this laptop when I have 120 days of AppleCare  
> left.
> Any thoughts on my frequent logic boards going bad?
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