[iBook] Help with ISP change...

Pat patdart at cox.net
Wed Jan 3 19:52:52 PST 2007

My cox.net has been bought out by Suddenlink.net and after more than an 
hour with their tech support, I'm not successful with the new email.  
Fortunately, they are forwarding the cox to me until the 14th.  I need 
help getting the settings right for a Mac (of course, altho' many of my 
friends on PC's are having the same problems).

Can anyone tell me where to look for both the settings for it and my 
.Mac account (which I can receive from, but not send)?  Or maybe, if 
someone has switched and has been successful using OS 10.3.9, could 
send me screen shots of what I should do and apply?  I need both set up 


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