[iBook] look up in dictionary (was services menu)

Concetta Zito concetta at hit.net
Mon Jan 8 15:43:03 PST 2007

> I know this is all in fun- but here's a useful tip :
> If you are using Mac OSX highlight the word in the email and control
> +click on it and choose "Look up in dictionary" or alternatively
> highlight the word and go to the "Mail" pull down menu and select
> "Services" - > "look up in dictionary"
> I think the services menu is one the Apple should push more.

Here's something quicker -
just place the cursor over the word in question (you do NOT have to  
click, highlight, or anything)
then hold down the control and command keys while you hit "d"
a definition for the word "appears" like magic!!!
AND if you want more, click on "more" (where else), and you GET more  
- including the thesaurus entry!!!!
I learned this recently, and was just wowed away!!!

hmmmm .... ever hear the question "what's another word for 'thesaurus'?"
I just checked the thesaurus entry for thesaurus, and it lists:
wordfinder, wordbook, synonym dictionary, and (rare) synonymy

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