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James Paul Manley jesus.is.healing.my.cancer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 07:54:08 PST 2007

I don't know how much discount but I get better deals on Mac stuff at  
Compusa than the Apple store. Also if you want to put a larger hard  
drive in a Mac the Apple Store will refuse to do it where Compusa  
will. The Apple Store told me if it has a 30 gig they would only put  
in another 30 gig. I will not do business with the Apple store again.  
Too pricey.
James Paul Manley

On Jan 8, 2007, at 10:37 PM, Rebecca Hoffman wrote:

> That sounds like it. It seems to have been a one-shot deal, though,  
> and long gone.
> Ah well.
> Rebecca
> On Jan 8, 2007, at 7:46 PM, Brian Pearce wrote:
>>> I heard somewhere that in the past Apple has given discounts on a  
>>> new OS to people who have bought a computer with the old OS after  
>>> the announcement of a release date for the new one.
>> You're probably thinking of the Mac OS Up-To-Date program. Do they  
>> still do this?
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