[iBook] changing password for removal of another's short name

Kathryn Antoinette Seth 8patches at frontiernet.net
Tue Jan 9 23:22:35 PST 2007

''I can't get no satisfaction'' <quote>, but true
I need to change the short name on my Clamshell, but I only have copies 
of 2 disks that came with it of 10.3.4, I guess I would need to reset 
this in password utility when I put the install disk into the 
computer-Right?, it's been so long since I installed Panther ( on my 
present desktop machine ) that I hesitate to perform this simple task 
on this iBook. I have one name that I use on my desktop, should I keep 
this name or change it to another name, that I sometimes use, since the 
iBook has an airport card installed I got my present ISP- using a 
wireless DSL network to communicate between the 2 computers, which are 
at the present time in the same room.
Is there any key that I press on the keyboard while I initiate this 
The older iBook has several neat applications that I don't want to get 
rid of just yet., being that this has just a tray-load CD what-ever 
drive, I'm not sure whether I can burn to it or not. I purchased awhile 
back a Sony CD-RW drive just in case I would not be able to burn, so 
I'm actually covered there. I might add that this iBook has a 366 MHz. 
processor Power PC G3 and I have 320 MB of memory in it now. Option 1: 
in order to get back the 11.12 GB., could I just install MAC OS-X 
10.3.4 and leave O.S. 9.2.2 out altogether, because as it reads now 
I've got 7.21 GB., and I'd really like to have more. Also under where 
it says ATA in the system profiler ( I suppose that's in 9 ) it reads 
that it's Write-able- what does that mean ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated !
Toni Seth
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