[iBook] The iPhone: Touchscreen interface, runs Mac OS X, ships in June (Keynote notes)

Angus Wallace angus.wallace at flinders.edu.au
Wed Jan 10 16:21:38 PST 2007

>> if if can't run GoodLink it's useless to me


>> Are there many people on the list that really
>> WANT an integrated phone/iPod device

I don't think you appreciate how powerful this device is. It is a computer in a
phone. It's running Mac OSX (Leopard, probably). It's quite possible that
(unless it's crippled by phone companies) it will be simple to recompile Mac
OSX applications to run on the phone. I very much doubt it will be useless to
you - for example, since it has Wireless Networking, how long will it be until
you can use Skype on it (and bypass the phone carrier)?
It has bluetooth, so it will probably automatically synchronise with any Mac you
choose, Calender, address book, emails, preferences, iChats..

It's amazing to think that this phone is nearly as powerful as my iBook G4 800!

This device stands a head and shoulders above everything else in the market - I
reckon it could be as revolutionary as the ipod...


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