[iBook] The iPhone: Touchscreen interface, runs Mac OS X, ships in June (Keynote notes)

Clark Martin cmmac at sonic.net
Thu Jan 11 09:43:00 PST 2007

At 7:37 AM -0600 1/11/07, Tom Legare wrote:
>No offense at all Angus!
>I don't believe you're getting a true OS X mini Mac like you're thinking,
>however. The iPhone will indeed be running a trimmed down version of OS X,
>like an OS X Lite, and it won't be able to be a substitute for truly having
>a laptop for computing work.
>I believe one disadvantage is not having a slide out keyboard.... The
>onscreen tap keyboards are not for quick entry and makes replying to emails
>arduous. There doesn't look to be handwriting recognition like the old
>Newtons. I have an iPaq 3835 without a keyboard and tapping sucked. The
>Cingular 8525 I have now has the slide out keyboard (Blackberry brought them
>back into style actually) and it beats handwriting recognition every time.

Well it does have BlueTooth so potentially a keyboard could be used that way.

>I absolutely love the iPhone's screen. The 480x320 resolution will be much
>appreciated by every user, and I often wish my 320x240 pixel screen had more
>resolution and more screen space. I think web browsing on the iPhone will be
>top in its class.

I watch movies and TV shows on my Palm Tx which has 480x320 
resolution.  It is very nice.  It is as good a display as most analog 
TVs, or at least the difference is negligible.

>Once they get hard drives inside the iPhone, making it essentially an
>awesome Apple version of the Palm LifeDrive, NOW you're talking about the
>ability to start replacing a laptop.

Hopefully they won't put a harddrive in the iPhone.  They just aren't 
rugged enough for the abuse a phone gets.  The Palm LifeDrive is 
rather passe now, I have a TX with a 4Gb SD card in it, that, AFAIK 
can do anything the LifeDrive can.  And a version of the  iPhone is 
coming with 8Gb.

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